Cris Burns * Technical Services

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Design, Consultation, Installation, Maintenance, and Studio Repair

*Cris Burns can help design your studio, including acoustic treatment, monitor system setup, equipment selection, wiring and construction.

*Maintenance includes tape machine alignment and repair, console repair, patch bay wiring, custom electronic upgrades, and general troubleshooting. Musical instrument amplifiers can be repaired and modified. Cris is quite familiar with vintage circuitry and has repaired many classic compressors, equalizers, preamps, tape machines, and consoles.

*Custom electronic devices such as tube direct boxes and mic preamps can be built to your specifications. Vintage equipment such as preamps and equalizers can be rack-mounted with power supplies, connectors and controls to be useful gear in a modern studio setting.

Consultation and maintenance services are billed at $50 per hour. Price may be negotiable for large projects.
Contact Cris Burns at (512) 633-6986.