Cris Burns * Mastering

Engineering  Cris Burns rate for studio engineering is $35 per hour. Summit Street Studio is included in the hourly rate. If more extensive or “high-end” options are required, Cris has access to several world-class facilities, including Bismeaux Studio and the Bubble, at an additional charge. Cris is comfortable working in many environments and will be happy to work at the studio of your choice. 	Cris can also record “on location” with his 24-track mobile studio rig. The charge for this service is $50 per hour including transportation and setup.  	Call (512) 633-6986 for scheduling and more details.

Mastering: What is included?

*Equalization is used, if necessary, to correct or enhance the frequency balance. When done correctly, the music will sound good on many different systems.

*Compression may be applied to increase overall average level and make the music sound punchier, fatter, or warmer. Many options are available, including multi-band and tube compression.

*During mastering, the relative level of each song is adjusted, and the overall volume is increased to competitive levels using digital limiters.

*Mastering also includes editing heads and tails of songs, placing them in the correct order, and setting the space between songs. Clicks, pops and other unwanted noises are removed, and fade-ins and fade-outs are optimized.

Cris Burns offers mastering at $25 dollars per song. Client feedback is welcomed, and Cris will redo the master or do “touch-ups” until the customer is satisfied.

Additional editing, restoration, and extreme or intensive mastering solutions at the client’s request are billed at $50 per hour. Analog formats are welcome, but there may be an additional charge.

Call Cris Burns for scheduling and other details. (512) 633-6986