Cris Burns * Selected Discography


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Dale Watson “Truckin’ Sessions II” (2009)
DD Dagger "Femmie Auteur" (2009)
Gary Floater “A Hero Never Learns” (2009)
Bobby Lueders Band “Still Swingin’ in Texas” (2008)
Dr. Zog, “Going to the Zydeco” (2008)
Mother Truckers, “Let’s All Go to Bed” (2008)
Randy Pavlock “Miles To Go” (2008)
Rockland Eagles “Osaka Cocka Rocka” (2008)
The Beautiful Loser Society, “Aim Low” (2008)
The Joel Hofmann Band, “One More Day” (2008)
The Jolly Garogers’ Austin All-StAargh! Pirate Band, “Buffalo Wing” (2008)
The Swingin’ Johnsons “Size Matters” (2008)
The Tex Reys, “Cave Girl” (2008)
The Van Buren Boys, “Planet Kickass” (2008)
Total Faggots “Totally Faggin’ Along With…” (2008)
Broke Down Avenue, “Broke Down Avenue” (2007)
Dale Watson, “From the Cradle to the Grave” (2007)
Dave Insley, “West Texas Wine” (2007)
Mary Cutrefello, “35” (2007)
Sam Baker “Pretty World” (2007)
Sam Cole, “Sam Cole and the D.W. Idols” (2007)
Teresa Garner & Bluegrass Express “Cold Cold Ground” (2007)
Xathax “Xathax” (2007)
Gary Brown, "Comin’ Home" (2006)
Grupo Fantasma, "Grupo Fantasma Comes Alive" (2006)
Haydn Vitera, "Haydn Vitera" (2006)
James Hand, "The Truth Will Set You Free" (2006)

Mother Truckers, "Broke Not Broken" (2006)
Owen Temple, "2000 Miles" (2006)
Rod Moag & Texas Grass with Billy House “Bluegrass from the Heart” (2006)
Autumn, “Sugarcane” (2005)
Bill Malone and Rod Moag, “Remember Me” (2005)
Dale Watson, “Whiskey or God” (2005)Genuine Cowhide, “Modern Sounds in Hillbilly and Western” (2005)
Lisa Tingle “Sugar on the Floor” (2005)
Randy Pavlock “Back To Texas” (2005)
Aaron Watson, “The Honkey Tonk Kid” (2004)
Charlie Robison, “Good Times” (2004)
Cooder Graw, “Wake Up” (2004)
Asleep at the Wheel, “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” (2003)
Asleep at the Wheel, “Asleep at the Wheel Remembers the Alamo” (2003)
Ray Benson, “Beyond Time” (2003)
Stephanie Davis, “Crocus in the Snow” (2003)
Pam Tillis, “It’s All Relative” (2002)
Rod Moag, “A Salute to the Heroes of Texas Swing” (2002)
Asleep at the Wheel, “The Very Best of Asleep at the Wheel” (2001)
Jerry Jeff Walker, “Gonzo Stew” (2001)
Asleep at the Wheel, “Ride With Bob” (1999)
Cooder Graw, “Cooder Graw” (1999)
Excess Lettuce, “Silverado” (1999)
Swine King, “Gargantuan Fantasy Mall” (1999)
The Cruel and Unusual, “The Cruel and Unusual” (1999)

Pocket Fishrmen “Simian Dreams” (1998)
The Onlys, “1300” (1997)
181, “Learn to Run” (1996)
Fuckemos, “Lifestyles of the Drugged and Homeless” (1995)
Myra Manes, “I’m Into Death” (12” LP, 1993)
Various Artists, “Explosion in Texas” (1993)
Various Artists. “Scream of Consciousness” (1993)
Trouser Trout, “#$%*&!!” (12” EP, 1989)
Pocket Fishrmen, “The Leader is Burning” b/w “Yr Story” (7” single, 1988)
Pocket Fishrmen, “Amy Carter” b/w “Ten Fingers on One Hand” (7” single, 1987)

DVD Stereo and Surround Projects

Homer Hiccolm and the Rocket Boys, “Live at Antones” (album/DVD) (2008)
Band of Heathens, “Live at Antones” (album/DVD) (2007)
Storyville, “Live at Antones” (double album/DVD) (2007)
Wendy Colonna, “Old New Borrowed & Blue” (double live album/DVD) (2007)
Willie Nelson, Patti Griffin, Joe Ely et al, “Songs for Tsunami Relief – Austin to South Asia” (DVD) (2005)