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“Bad Boy” Rob Brandon
16 Outlaw
Aaron Watson
Alice Russell
Andrew Bird
Andrew Heller
Arc Angels
Asleep at the Wheel
Austin Hartley-Leonard
Bedouin Soundclash
Bill Worrell
Bionic Jive
Bloody Tears
Bobby Lueders Band
Bruce Jones
Carolyn Wonderland
Chris Bierne
Cornell Hurd
Craig Crowder
Dale Allen
Dale Watson
Dave Alvin
Dave Insley
David Beebe
David Hanshaw
DD Dagger
Del Castillo
dePedro with Los Coronas

Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Dixie Chicks
Earle Poole Ball
Elliot Brood
Erin Ivey
First Communion After Party
Food Shark of Marfa
Ft. Worth Symphony
Gary Brown
Greg Griffin Blues Band
Griffin Veatch
Grupo Fantasma
Gurf Morlix
Guy Forsythe
Hollie Holloway
Ian Moore
Jack Ingram
Janice Martin
Jeff Dauner
Jill Hennessy
Joel Hoffman Band
Katy Koonce
Kirby Dominant
Lee Winright
Lloyd Maines

Los Chevys
Madison BattsMarcia Ball
Mary Cutrefello
Matt Johnson
Molly Gerber
National Geographic
Owen Temple
P. J. Harvey
Patrice Pike
Paul Schlesinger
Pete and the Pirates
Peter, Bjorn and John
Pocket Fishrmen
Randy Pavlock
Ray Benson
Rick McCrae
Ricky Calmbach
Rod Moag
Rosie Flores
Sam Baker
Sam Baker
Sam Dietert
Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers
Shootin’ Pains
Sober Daze
Teresa Garner
Texacali Jones


Texas Sapphires
The Dirty Hearts
The Features
The Geezinslaws
The Heymakers
The Love Language
The Manuel Brothers
The McKay Brothers
The Meat Puppets
The Mother Truckers
The Platforms
The Regulars
The Rockland Eagles
The Swingin’ Johnsons
The Tex Reys
The Van Buren Boys
The Webb Sisters
The Young Turks
Tommy Irvin
Total Faggots
Walt Wilkins
Wild Yaks
Willie Nelson
Wire Pony