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The BC-2B Mic Pre by Cris Burns Audio is based on the MI-11241 mic pres found in the classic RCA BC-2B console mixer. This circuit is considered by many to be the “Holy Grail” of tube mic pres, surpassing all others in tone, depth and character.

The characteristic sound of this pre can be heard on timeless recordings such as those produced by Sun Records. A vintage RCA BC-2B “consolette” is on display at the Museum of Rock and Blues in Memphis, Tennessee. It was used to record Elvis Presley and others at Sun Studio in Memphis. The same basic circuit design, components, and construction techniques are used to maintain the wonderful quality of the original.

Features Include:

*Handwired, point-to-point construction

*Lundhall  input and output transformers meet or exceed the specifications for the original UTC transformers used by RCA

*All-tube design helps eliminate the “harshness” sometimes associated with digital recording, providing instead a “warm” sound that is still clear, defined and dimensional

*Overbuilt power supply with tube rectifier provides solid power with “vintage vibe”

*Separate enclosure for power supply prevents noise from being introduced into the signal path through transformer coupling

*Handcrafted wood console with oversized, vibration absorbing rubber feet

*Highest quality Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors used throughout

*Carbon composition resistors

*Sprague “orange-drop” poly-film capacitors

*12AY7 preamp tube, 5Y3 rectifier tube

*High quality ceramic tube sockets

*Switches with silver contacts used for ultra-low resistance

*High impedance, direct-to-grid input for instrument use

*D.I. output enables the unit to be used as a direct box

*Ground lift switch included to combat ground loop noise

*48 volt phantom power, output phase invert, and mic input pad switches are included

*The BC-2B Mic Pre is available in single or dual-channel versions

Tube D.I.

The Cris Burns Audio Tube D.I. is based on the legendary RCA BC-2B mic pre circuit. The unit features a direct-to-grid input for maximum sensitivity and tone. The Tube D.I. uses a 12AY7 vacuum tube driving a Lundhall output transformer that meets or exceeds the specifications of the original UTC transformers used by RCA. The resulting sound is amazing, especially on bass guitar. One producer described it as “the most complete and perfect bass sound I have ever heard.”

The Tube D.I. can be used as an instrument preamp feeding a recording channel or other line level gear directly. It can also be used as a direct box feeding a mic pre. A front panel toggle switch selects between mic and line level output. There is a “loop out” wired in parallel with the input for connection to an amplifier or tuner. A volume control is provided to prevent overloading.

An output phase switch is provided along with a ground lift switch to reduce hum when used in conjunction with an amplifier. Output is provided through a high-quality Neutrik XLR connector. The unit features a self-contained power supply for portability and ease of use. A power switch, fuse, and LED power indicator are provided.

The Cris Burns Audio Tube D.I. is built by hand in Austin, Texas.

Tube D.I. $550
Power supply $450
BC-2B Pre  $650  
BC-2B Dual Channel Pre: $1050 (not pictured)